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Broad Beach Road

a novella by Alex Wilson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Alex Wilson

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Broad Beach Road a novella by Alex Wilson

Fed up with the dreary early Maine winter, Josh and Dana jumped at the invitation to house sit for one of Josh’s more affluent contacts from his days as a reporter for the LA Times. Not least of the attractions of the gig was that the home, a signature piece of architecture spectacularly was set on an ocean bluff in Malibu. And, it was on Broad Beach Road, the toniest part of this mega-tony community, with every other beach house owned by an A-list celebrity or captain of industry.

Lordy, Joshua. You told me this place was nice but that’s like saying Versailles is ‘nice’. It’s just gorgeous. We’re right above the surf. The pelicans cruise by at eye level. The porpoises patrol the ocean in droves, er, pods. Soft ocean breezes. When I die, will I go here?’

Don’t get too used to it, m’lady. It’s only for a month, then back to realityville.’

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