Snow completely covered ground around the forest they traversed and was gaining further reinforcement because more snow kept falling down from the sky at a slow and very steady pace without seeming to come to an end. It was as if the snow mirrored his incessant need for peace, but wouldn’t be granted. The clouds in the sky blocked out almost all traces of direct sunlight and he had to brush some falling snow off his brow because Connor kicked himself for being dense enough to look up. Most of the trees around the forest were all stripped of their seasonal leaves and were also now covered with the frozen rain. And with each crunching step Connor couldn’t keep certain memories at bay. Unfortunately as a Balancer his memories are far more vivid because he still remembers every tiny detail as if he relived them time and time again. It is like his already eidetic memory had been supercharged after being brought into this new life of immortals.

It is a gift as well as a curse.

Sarah is his three hundred year old mate. She is a Balancer who chose Connor to be her eternal love almost ten months ago. The very first time they met he knew she was the one because she was a woman unlike any other. Qualities like intelligence, sophistication and meekness were his first observations, but she was so much more that it is incomprehensible to put simply into mere words. She turned him into a Balancer by fusing their souls together.

Almost everything that they do as mated Balancers is completely unheard of. Most of their kind are normally limited to maybe one or two elements that they can control. Sarah and Connor can manipulate them all and have gained enough energy to use them on a grander scale. They also have other abilities that have never been seen before. For starter they can read each other’s mind. All other Balancers can read another person’s mind except for their mate’s. When they use a large amount of energy their body will literally start to glow as brightly as a light bulb that’s suddenly been flipped on. Eyes aglow is also a side effect from using the ability called Sonar to observe everything around them at a rate that they alone can distinguish movement just as well as their eyes can see, if not better.

Another unique creature came in the form of his best friend Mark. He is a nine hundred year old Changer. A Changer can manipulate their bodies at will to do miraculous things. Mark can change the physical structure of his body to resemble that of a wolf, but Changers cannot make a perfect transformation and retain some slight human characteristics. He can become a cross between a human and a wolf. He also can grow glossy black wings that he can use to fly as if he were a falcon. He calls that form, Fwen.

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