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Chapter One

Alex watched as the woman exited the motel room. She was much taller than he expected, at least five-eight. Her light auburn hair was bound in a ponytail, which stuck out the back of a New York Yankee's baseball cap. Faded blue jeans formed well to her shapely hips and legs underneath a baggy Yankee's sweatshirt. "She's a beauty," he commented as he turned to the man in the passenger seat.

"Yeah she is, and she can be quite a hand full. So don't underestimate her."

"Sounds intriguing, this might not be as boring as I thought."

"Your job is to keep an eye on her, that's it. Do you understand?"

Alex nodded, then shifted his eyes back to the woman as she paused to talk with a maid. "Is she really a princess?"

"Not only is she a princess, she's King Edward's only child."

"You mean that's Princess Tara?"

"The one and only."

She wore dark sunglasses but he was still surprised he hadn't recognized the Crown Princess of Gautier from the supermarket tabloids where she often appeared. The small European island was almost mystical in its history, and like most royalty, Princess Tara was highly sought after to help sell their magazines, fetching handsome rewards to the photographers lucky enough to catch her off guard. There was hardly a week went by her lovely face didn't grace one of their covers.

"Since when are you interested in the comings and goings of royalty?"

"Since she hired me last year to find her brother."

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