The Crash

A Sharp Terry Case File

By Hugh J. O'Donnell

Copyright 2012 Hugh J. O'Donnell

Smashwords Edition

Cover image copyright St. Gil, Marc

This image was originally taken as a part of the DOCUMERICA project and is a part of the US National Archives.

Cover design copyright 2012 Hugh J. O'Donnell

This story originally appeared in audio on the Every Photo Tells podcast.

Big Willy's boys came for me early on a Monday morning. This meant one of two things: Either I had a job, or I was a dead man. Big Willy had gotten his name by being the strongest, toughest bastard in New Orleans. They called the city 'The Big Easy' because while the rest of America might labor under prohibition, New Orleans was still one big gin joint, and it was Big Willy's hand on the tap. He was not a man to be taken lightly.

So when his goons showed up at my shop on Exchange Place and demanded I come with them, I didn't argue. I just shuttered my little curio shop, put on my good white jacket, secured it with my shamrock cufflinks, and put on my straw boater. "Let's go," I said.

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