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One autumn morning, while Jenna is learning addition in her first grade class and Josh is finger painting at his preschool, I prowl through the neighborhood video store, studying the backs of the boxes, searching for anything I can find that refers to a threesome. I considered going to an “adult” video store, but there’s just no way I could bring myself to do it. I imagine it full of sleazy old men who need to jack off to porn because no woman will get near their stench.

I wish I knew what I was looking for. I can’t just go up to the poor movie geek behind the counter and say, “Could you recommend any good movies that include threesomes?” I can’t ask my friends for recommendations. So I peruse the drama section, looking for any cover photo with three people, as long as they aren’t all the same gender. Three of Hearts. Chasing Amy. Threesome. Summer Lovers. I can’t help glancing over my shoulder, hoping no one is paying attention to what I’m reading.

As I fix my eyes on the cover photo for Summer Lovers, I am intrigued. Other people might notice the sexiness of how all three beautiful people, including gorgeous Daryl Hannah, are so scantily dressed. What I notice is different. These three people are casually draped over one another, not in a way that screams “sex” to me, but in a way that shows affection, trust, and sincerity. While I have always been a physically affectionate person, I married a man who is not. I like the way the three on the movie box are able to touch each other. I’m surprised to notice that my underwear feels a bit damp.

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