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Zoe Marshall took another look around the tiny one bedroom trailer and sighed as she made enough space to stand in front of the tiny mirror, mounted just above the kitchen sink

Every day for the last three months had ended up the same. Day in and day out Zoe got up at the crack of dawn to go to work at the local grocery store as a cashier, getting off in just enough time to run home, change clothes, eat and get out the door to her night time bartending job. By the time she figured out that her boyfriend, Derrick, wasn’t going to get off his ass and help support them, they’d been evicted from their apartment in the city. She had no choice but to ask her mom if they could move into her one bedroom trailer with her, and that’s where they’d been for the last six months with no end in sight. Every time Zoe thought that she was getting somewhere with saving, she ended up having to spend the money to keep the electric on, keep the rent paid, or keep groceries in the house. It didn’t help that her mother had broken her ankle trying to change the front porch light because Derrick refused. While he watched TV, her mother has misstepped and fallen down three steps and ended up out of work for six months. If things didn’t change soon, Zoe didn’t know how much more she could take. Twenty-five was way too old be back home in the trailer park living with her mother.
“Keep your voice down! You know my ma is still sleepin!” Zoe snapped at her boyfriend Derrick, cringing when he rolled his eyes at her and continued talking.
“I don’t see why it’s all of a sudden a problem to give me a few bucks! You makin all that money fuckin bartending and shit. What the fuck am I supposed to do while you work?”
“You haven’t had a problem finding shit to do for the last month or so...what’s so different tonight?” Zoe asked, her attention focused back on applying her makeup.
By day it didn’t matter how she dressed for her job at the grocery store. The manager there hadn’t been a fan of the midnight blue black locks she sported, but her hair was always nicely trimmed into a loose bob, her piercings taken out or covered when working. Even she could admit that her style was a bit emo at times, but it worked well for her night time job at the club.
“Zoe baby...look around you...” Derrick pressed, stretching out in the kitchen chair, watching her now. “We already fucked! No car... No place to live... What does it matter if you give me a lil something..?”
Zoe finished applying the thin line of black eyeliner to her lower lids before responding, air sucking in through her teeth so that she could control her tone. He just didn’t fucking get it!
“The money I have is for bills. The only reason why my mom even let us move in here is because I agreed to pay half the rent.”
“$300 on this fucking dump! I’ve never lived in a fucking trailer in my life!” Derrick spat, looking around the narrow space with disdain.
He was so ungrateful. Zoe wondered now what she ever saw in him before, especially after he’d lost his job as a security officer for stealing.
“Well this fucking dump is a roof over your head...and maybe if you tried working instead of sitting around here all day worrying my mom to death...”
“Yo mamma need to get up and get a damn job! Why the fuck you on my back when her ass sits here day in and day out taking your money without so much as a thank you!”
“You muther fucker! How dare you sit there and talk about my momma like that!” Zoe screamed, forgetting that she was trying to keep quiet. She was on top of Derrick in a flash, the kitchen chair he was seated in, flipping sideways, sending both of them crashing into the refrigerator.
“She broke her fucking ankle because of your lazy ass! She’s on disability! How the fuck you gonna compare that to what you do!” Zoe shouted now, pummeling Derrick’s soft stomach with her balled up fist.
He blocked as best he could, his legs flailing when she pinned him on the floor, her nose now three inches from his.
“I like it when you get rough...” he joked through a wheezing groan, his hands clapping firmly over her leather covered ass.
“Don’t you fucking touch me!” Zoe screamed, flying spit causing him to flinch as she drew back to punch him again.
“That’s your fucking problem!” Derrick screamed back, grabbing the middle of her shirt and shoving her off of him. “You’re at that club shaking your ass and serving guys drink, when you haven’t served nothing to me in a long ass time!”
Zoe looked down at her bared stomach, her naked breast barely covered by what was left of the material he’d ripped away.
“I know you didn’t just fucking rip my shirt you stupid mother fucker! I’m gonna.....”
“Hey! Hey! HEY!”
Zoe’s mom, Justine, came down the hall as fast as her walking cast would allow, her own body barely covered by a thin strappy nightgown.
“Ma! Go put some clothes on!” Zoe exclaimed, lowering her fist as she gave her mother a once over.
Justine wasn’t bad looking for forty-two. She still had the body of a twenty something year old, and wore her long dark locks almost down to her waist. With makeup she could easily score a much younger guy, and she had before…too many for Zoe to actually count.
“Don’t tell me how to dress in my house little girl! And you two quit all that arguing. You know I take my meds in the afternoon and if I don’t get some sleep now, it’ll keep me up all night!”
“I’m sorry Ma! He just...”
“NO...You just....”
“ENOUGH! Just get out! Go!” Justine ordered, her index finger pointed rigidly at Zoe and then at the front door.
“Me...?! Are you serious?!”Zoe exclaimed, tears stinging her eyes as she caught the smug look Derrick had on his face.
“You gotta work. He aint got shit to do, but sit here and argue with you. I’m going back to sleep and if I get woken up one more time, then you’ll both be fucked cuz neither one of you gonna have a place to live. So Go!” Justine ordered again, shoving her finger into Zoe’s chest this time.
“You gonna put some damn clothes on?!” Derrick added when Zoe turned without another word, grabbing her bag from the front door before snatching it open.

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