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Beware of the Back Alley

By Ernest Winchester

Copyright 2012 by Ernest Winchester

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Beware of the Back Alley

Drop your shorts,” she commanded with a devilish smile. The look in her eyes matched the mirth evident on her beautiful pink lips.

With a matching smile, I obeyed, pushing the elastic waistband of my walking shorts out over the object that had been poking the front of them forward, and released the garment, allowing it to fall to cover my feet. They were then the only part of my body covered. Her smile grew wider. Perhaps she was pleased that there was no other piece of clothing hiding my cock from her view for her eyes stared at it with obvious appreciation. Watching her slowly remove her short, one piece dress and step out of her thong moments before was all my manhood needed to be fully erect by then and it stood tall, ready for inspection. Her eyes came up to dwell into mine for a few seconds before dropping back to the part of me she obviously craved, judging from the gleam in her widening, crystal blue eyes. I always enjoyed watching a woman’s eyes dilate at a moment like that. She wouldn’t be any good at poker.

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