Altered: The Survivors

Altered: the Survivors

Jillian Stevens

Copyright 2012 by Jillian Stevens

Smashwords Edition


“….It’s been a while since I’ve recorded anything on here. I know I’ve said too many times in the last 18 years, that I’m going to update more. Honestly, it’s not on the top of my ‘to

do’ list.”

What is at the top of that list is getting my life back to the surface where it belongs. To show my kids those bedrooms I painted for them when they were children. I have to start the world over again; what I’ve known was my job since I came down here. All these wonderful survivors down here with me are all silently aware of this. We know that it’s not good enough to just be the survivors; we have to kick-start the human race all over again. Our time down here is coming to an end, I feel it. There’s a life waiting for us all. I want to go to the surface, take those samples, and find out if me and all these people are done being on HOLD with our lives!”

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