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Student Teacher

You want me to do what?!” Carla Jennings exclaimed loudly, her face flushed with embarrassment as she looked from the rows of students seated in the classroom back to her masseuse teacher.

She shook her head, wondering if she’d heard him correctly, her eyes on his as he repeated the request.

Lay across my lap…face down…” he repeated, a hint of a smile catching the corner of his mouth when her brows lifted in confusion.


Trust….” Mr. Hendricks interrupted her, addressing the class now. “I know this is the second course of Healing through Massage, but if you don’t understand the basics of being a masseuse then you’ll never be able to please your client. If they can’t trust that you know what you’re doing with their body, then they’ll never relax enough to let the healing take effect,” he continued, pointing for Carla to return to her seat.

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