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Population – Dandelion

Essay by M.T. Dismuke

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Copyright 2012 by M.T. Dismuke

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M.T. Dismuke wrote this essay back in 2005 for an English class while attending college. The subject matter has deep meaning and it changed the way he viewed the world. The essay is more than just a passage of time where a culture stood up against a seemingly corrupt world. It is a collective voice of many people, in many nations, who all stand together to broadcast a similar message. The machine described by Michael Foucault might be persistent and timeless, but it is the voice and the message of the people that becomes immortal.

Disclaimer: The essay was not written for any current day events nor was it an attempt to side with any political or anti-political parties or groups. Author M.T. Dismuke wrote the essay to describe Foucault’s machine and how a culture set out to defeat it. How this may apply to current day events is purely coincidental.

Population – Dandelion


One thousand years into the future, a new civilization exists. As far as the eye can see are skyscrapers, industries, monorail systems, and surveillance equipment surrounded by crowded walkways. Citizens march by the thousands in rhythm as if a speed limit had been placed on walking. No police, no law enforcement what-so-ever, yet single file, they line up outside a massive transportation center. Each of them silent as they wave their hand over an unmonitored ID scanner. In the distance, towards the center of the city, a towering black structure extends twice as tall as the tallest building. Subliminal messages radiate from its crest insuring that the populous remain obedient. This is a vision however grim it may be, it is the vision of a government with complete supremacy. This is a government with absolute power perfected to the point that every meal, trip, marriage, and job has been predetermined and written for each individual. This is a world that every movement, noise, and action made by one is observed and recorded by strategically placed surveillance machines. Nobody knows who is watching – nobody cares.

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