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Chapter 2: In Krilt City

Chapter 3: The Big Surprise

Chapter 4: Nexus Has to Decide

Chapter 5: Escape from Krilt City

Chapter 6: Face the Music

Star Map

Chapter 1: The Big Problem

The Star Jumper zoomed quietly through space. Two men sat in the ship's meeting room. They were going over a big mission.

First Mate Scopes looked at the paper again. Then he shook his head. "I don't like this, Captain. Are you sure we can trust this map?"

Captain Nexus stood up. "We don't have a choice, Scopes. You heard what our spy said. The Krilt have a new secret weapon. We have to find it."

He bent over the table and tapped the paper with one finger.

"This map must lead us to the secret lab. The Krilt nearly destroyed the Border Space Worlds last time. We can't give them a second chance!"

Scopes got up too. "Very well, sir. I'll go check the ship's controls. We must be near the Krilt home world by now." He walked to the door then stopped. "Captain?"

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