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"Get going."

Gavin closed the door and walked up to West Shore High School's front entrance. Once inside, he tried to blend into the crowd and go unnoticed.

It worked for all of ten seconds.


It was him. James Jackson, Gavin's former-friend-recently-turned-school-bully, had spotted him. Gavin ran into the boys' restroom, got into a stall, locked it, and sat on the toilet seat.

Princess Sarah Deschanel was having a worse day than Gavin.

The royal palace, situated in a valley in Capital City in the kingdom of Rartanar, was under attack by an army of grotesque aliens of all shapes and sizes - short, tall, walking, flying. Sarah tried to keep herself composed and exhibit the proper behavior that was expected of royalty, but she was, in the end, a teenager.

"Wow, this sucks, doesn't it?"

King Tristan Deschanel looked at his seventeen-year-old daughter in mild disbelief. "To put it lightly."

"Who's behind it?"

"That's what we're trying to figure out. Please step away from there."

Sarah walked away from the second-floor window that overlooked the front entrance and joined her father at the long conference table. Her father and various generals in the royal army were trying to gather information and formulate a strategy.

"We think it's Xanozon."

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