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Religion or Cult by Nipaporn Baldwin

Religion or Cult © 2011 by Nipaporn Baldwin

Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA

Cover art Priest Warriors © Dusan Kostic - Fotolia

TSODR Issue #44 (Smashwords edition)

Religion or Cult

The maiden screamed as the cloaked men set fire to her shophut. They were the ones from Camelot's Disciples (the cult of Yansake). They burned e'ry town that wanted to distill the uprising of the Yansake-Kuruga. She felt the Yansake-Kurugas were devilish and evil. The people of Camelot believed the Yansakes to be gods, but this shopkeeper said that nobody could hold a higher title over the Alma Maters, not even the Dragons. But the Dragons have been around longer than the Alma Maters…or is there something we're not being told? She didn't want to believe in the Yansakes…but these men did. She tried escaping through the storm drain behind her hut, but the men cornered her there. They took off their hoods, revealing themselves to be Kenningston's Men.

“you…you aren't Yansake's supporters!” she said, “you’re Kenningston’s men!”

“No, young woman,” the leader of the pack kneeled down to her. He could feel the shaking fear in her chest, underlying with a suppressed scream. He smiled at this. This quivering peasant girl was cowering by a storm drain, her body at his mercy! He withdrew the silver-tipped knife and skimmed the cleavage of her chest with it.

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