Reliving the Werewolf Experience 3


Brandy Corvin


Copyright © 2012 by Brandy Corvin

* * * * *

His silvery mane shines in the brilliant light of the moon. I'm taken aback, staring at him with my mouth agape. The freshly killed carcass of the deer I tracked and hunted down stands between him and me.

In this forest clearing, there're only the both of us, top predators in our own way with the prize in question. My prize.

My fangs sank into the neck of my prey, and now this interloper dares to come challenge me for my kill. Even if he is the most handsome wolf I've ever seen, my own lycan instincts force me to bare my fangs in hope that he backs off before I have to use them.

He jumps and in a flash turns into a human, surprising me. Have I seen him before? He clearly isn't one with my pack.

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