by Dawn Harshaw


Copyright 2012 Dawn Harshaw
Smashwords Edition


A mage turns dream into vision.

- Awakenings, Dreamer's Handbook

Eric was running. Not this nightmare again, he thought.

He was gazing ahead, his eyes seeing only the path where his next two or three steps would land. The surroundings were nothing but a colorless blur he was running through. His mind worked frenetically to see not what was ahead, but what was behind: two goblins half his height trying to catch up to him. Eric could very clearly see in his mind the dark green skin and the multitude of pointy, crooked teeth. The goblins were swinging small clubs made from hard wood, the smoothness of which was most likely forged by a lot of clobbering action.

Eric could not stop envisioning the jagged teeth and burnished weapons since he was constantly hearing a grinding and munching "rawbrawrawrblr" sound coming from behind - a sound similar to that of a hungry dog attacking a bare bone.

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