The Cinderella Search

by Judy Griffith Gill

Published by JggBooks at Smashwords

© Judy Griffith Gill 2010

Chapter One

The attic? You want me to crawl around in the at­tic?”

Lissa Wilkins stared in disbelief at Rosa Macurdy, the Madrona Inn’s breakfast cook, who stood before the front desk, rain dripping from her curly gray hair, her long, spare form stooped under the weight of a brown backpack. “There are spiders up there!”

Hush!” Rosa glanced furtively around, though at eleven-fifteen on a Friday evening, Lissa couldn’t think who might be there to overhear. The elderly guests who came year after year to the rustic inn and the peace of Madrona Cove, were long since in bed. The younger ones who came for fishing and fun were still at Chuck­les, Madrona Cove’s favorite watering-hole and social center.

Don’t kill the messenger,” Rosa said. “I don’t want you to go up there.” She pulled at the straps of the backpack, trying to remove it. Lissa rushed out from behind the desk and caught the heavy weight, easing it down Rosa’s back. “Reggie wants you to,” Rosa added, shrugging her shoulders in obvious relief. “Reggie needs you to.”

Reggie, the inn’s handyman, was supposed to have put the CD player and timers in the attic over Steve Jackson’s bed hours ago, while Steve, the most unwanted guest the Madrona Inn’s staff had ever dealt with, was at the bar across the street.

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