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A Sure thing.

Daniel LaGrave.

Copyright © 2011 by Daniel LaGrave

Published at Smashwords

To say that the place was located on the seedy side of town would have been the understatement of the year. The street lamps glowed, but their light could only hold the darkness of the night at bay, struggling only to come at long last to a stalemate.

Of course wasn’t that always the way of things, you didn’t come to this area of town during the light of day, almost as if these places didn’t exist until the twilight of dusk.

Alex Stetson laughed off this last thought; it was a sound that even to his ears reeked of nervousness, but what choice did he have? After all he couldn’t be held at fault for the things that had happened, it was supposed to be a sure thing. You’re just like your father…his mother’s voice made rough by years of smoking rang through his mind.

What made them sting though, was that she was right. From the moment they took up residence in that tiny two room apartment they situation failed to improve. His dad always planning, and scheming did well to die young. The fact was you never saw an old gambler. His mother on the other hand had only gambled once in her life, on his old man, and had lost considerably. What money they’d had at the beginning of their marriage had been quickly squandered, flittered away.

Still Alex had watched his father, noted every mistake with the keen interest of a second season lemming. He’d learned the real rules of the game, and wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

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