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Bishop/Taz World Order/166

[Chapter 1]

What am I doing here? Where do I actually belong. I don’t know. I just care, or I try at least. Still what is my purpose? I am ready for the new beginning and the harsh trials that are brought before me. No more mediocrity and more of it just later in my life. I want the non-American dream. How do I succeed that? I just pray. Taz closed his thoughts with a quick Oh shit, pothole! and then swerved to avoid it. He hurried along pedaling on his blue Dyno bicycle down the neighborhood streets as wind gusted in his face. Leaves swarmed together like massive schools of fish across the streets and through the yards of his unknown neighbors. The trees were dancing to the howling winds. Taz kept at it against the winds and to his home. Where he finally made it and managed to sneak passed the windows and get to the backyard. He planted his bike against the side of his house and went towards his bedroom window that he purposely left unlocked. He had to carefully sneak past his parents bedroom window though, so he did as stealthy as a ninja. He managed to creep past even the garden bed without stepping on a flower, being that the night was darker than shadows. Once he reached his window he carefully began to try and slide it upwards. “Oh shit.” he said under his breath. His window was locked. It damn sure wasn’t supposed to be, but it was. Taz didn’t lock it. He was counting on it to be open so that he could pretend he was home on time before curfew. His mom of course locked it. He wished he had a lock on his damn bedroom door. Now, he must face the music. Taz proceeded to the front door of the house and began unlocking it. After a moment the door swung open and Taz’s mom speared her head out the door, staring at Taz with that angry look we all know. “Where the hell have you been? Do you know what

freaking time it is? I’ve been waiting for you to come home.” she barked. Taz made no movements, nor any facial expressions. He just gave her a grim blank stare. Taz’s mom was quick to catch on. “Are you paying attention? Where have you been? ANSWER ME!” She shrilled. Taz spoke quickly as of hopes to end this conversation within the next thirty seconds, or so he had hoped. “Joe’s house” Taz replied. His mom began escorting him inside the house and into the living room to finish chewing him out over the household curfew violation. “Oh? And does Joe’s mother know that your hanging out over there until eleven thirty at night?” she wailed. Taz quickly retorted “Joe’s mom doesn’t care mom.”

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