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Note To Self:

In conversation someone asked me if I was open- minded, I replied “Yes, but not to the extent of listening to stupid ideas.” Brian E. Niskala

This is a collection of my thoughts over the years, well the ones I felt note worthy anyhow. Most are Facebook posts, others private or not so private thought moments. I find most to be humorous and witty. My wife just finds them mildly funny if at all tolerable. She reminds me often that I am not as funny as I think I am. Either way, I hope you enjoy this short collection of moments and stories.

As a manager, I often dealt with less than intelligible people. Most often times these people where far from intelligent, but not necessarily stupid. I always did what I thought was right; listening with one ear and as soon as I deemed it getting “stupid” I stopped listening, just short of sticking fingers in my ears and going “la la la la la not listening!” this helped me stay more tolerable to the people around me, present company reading this excluded of course.


In this age of convenience and cordless technology why is it still an effort to fly across the room to get the cordless phone when it rings? I mean it seems the cordless phone is always at the opposite end of the room and you are closer to where the old corded phone should be!? Note to self, install a corded phone where it should be and buy half dozen cordless phones just in case.

Is it bad when your ISP, Internet Service Provider calls you, asks how many computers you have and you have to count and run out of fingers? No wonder why my electric bill is $400+ a month...

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