Anything for You: The Betrothed

Copyright 2012


Latron M

Smashwords Edition

December 2013

Mr. Chan Wu entered the large meeting hall of his company’s building and everyone in the room stood when he entered. He motioned for them all to sit, looked around for the man he really wanted to see out of all of them: Mr. Shen Li. Chan spotted Shen at the other end of the long table where all the rest of the heads of other companies in the same pharmaceutical field were sitting. Chan took a deep breath and pulled the front of his expensive suit jacket—as a habit before entering important events—and carefully and confidently walked down the window wall to the other end of the room. Shen had known Chan for some time and was a very observant man. He had had a feeling Chan would want to speak with him today and before Chan reached him he stood up. Facing each other, both men bowed slightly to each other and they both headed out the door and walked into the next conference room for privacy.

“How are you this day, Mr. Li?” Chan asked the stern-looking Shen.

“I am well, Wu, what is it you want to ask me?” said Shen. “I imagine that it has to do with your newborn son. Congratulations are in order, may your family be thankful for the blessing.”

“Thank you,” Chan replied. “Yes, it does have to do with my new son.” Chan had used medical science to make sure he had a son born instead of a girl. He continued “I know a prominent family such as yours is equally excited with the impending birth of your child, Mr. Li.”

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