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Hopefully at this point in your business, you have at least heard of a business process and may have even toyed around with the idea of using one or many to improve your company’s operations. Popular books like the “E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber set a solid stage for warming you up to the idea of a business process and why it is critical to “systematize” your business so that it does not depend solely on your everyday presence.

This white paper is designed with the intent to help you as an entrepreneur answer the question of “how.” That is, now that you are in the game of running a small business, HOW do you keep score? Specifically, how do you know if you are winning the game, if no one is keeping score? How can you improve your strategy? Don’t worry, I will try my best to not weigh you down with the technical or overly corporate jargon that usually accompanies discussions on business processes; rather, I will use a real-life story using fictional characters to illustrate how taking the time to commit pen to paper can make a huge difference in how increase efficiency in daily operations. Therefore, this white paper’s featured story is more of a crash course on how you can use business processes to increase your company’s financial “score.”

I must be frank in telling you that process documentation is also a process! Though it will not happen overnight, knowing that you have a systematic way to identify and document processes that will support and facilitate future growth and sustainability plans is worth its weight in gold. It requires dedication, patience, a willingness to be exposed, and a serious time commitment.

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