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The words debt, grace and happiness aren’t often used together. But here they’re a matched set because you’ll remove debt with ease and grace and the result will be a sense of accomplishment and happiness. You’ll be unlike anyone the creditors have ever spoken to. The conversations will flow and you’ll be amazed by the creditor’s willingness to help you. The path toward solvency and prosperity will not be difficult. Best of all, it will be on your terms. A year from now you may wish you had started today. Discover how to replace debt with savings, and struggle with ease.



Chapter One ~ The First Day

Chapter Two ~ Communicating with Creditors

Chapter Three ~ Slipping and Sliding and Going to the Mailbox

Chapter Four ~ Underearning, Compulsive Shopping and the Numbers

Chapter Five ~ The Formula for Paying Down the Debt

Chapter Six ~ The Best Kept Secret

Chapter Seven ~ The Red Tide of Debt

Chapter Eight ~ You Are Not Your Debt

Chapter Nine ~ There’s Always Another Way

Chapter Ten ~ Using Your Imagination To Create What You Want

Chapter Eleven ~ The Single K and Other Things You Wish You’d Known

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