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The Mommy Weekend

Don’t go….” Dietrick whined watching as Callie packed the last of her things into the open duffel bag on the bed.

He’d forgotten all about Callie’s weekend trip, and had promised the guys a Saturday of nothing but football, beer, and wings at his house. If he didn’t convince her to change her mind about the trip, he’d be stuck with the kids for two and a half days!

Dietrick…” Callie sighed, meeting her husband’s pleading gaze from the other side of the bed. “YOU are the one that made this proposal. Two more children, and I get one weekend a year all to myself, to do or GO wherever I want,” she reminded him, pointing towards the closed bedroom door.

Out in the hall she could already hear their two and four year old arguing over a toy they both wanted to play with.

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