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“It is easy. You already know what you must know.”

He said these words slowly, as if each word was molded from the tendrils of sound and breath inside his mouth so that they seem to flow out smooth and light. He looked at me straight in the eye, a playful flame sparking across his lips and then in his eyes. He reached out to me and placed a warm hand over my shoulder. A gentle shiver shot across the nerves of my skin, awakening my body not with a spark of electricity, but with the beginnings of fire.

“The knowledge of the kiss rests within your lips and only another pair of lips can awaken the secret,” he continued, placing another hand over my other shoulder. Our faces were now so close that I could feel his breath mingling with the air I breathe, and my breath also became his breath, like a hot desert wind circulating across the vast expanse of sand, carrying anything with it far places. We were now so close to see that his eyes were the dark amber shade of a moth’s wings and not simply brown at first glance. His eyes were like mine.

So was the desire reflected upon them.

My heart was breathing on its own like another lung, fast and heavy. This is the first time I realized that in the darkness, the beauty of his face glows.

Our noses were touching. He smiled and asked. “Do you want me to go on?”

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I heard his smile, yes I heard the gentlest smack of his lips opening into a sweet smile, like a whisper of a feather rustling in a zephyr wind.

I nodded.


The first touch is like the silk of my pillow. I used to embrace it close to my body, trailing the smoothness across the skin of my face, my lips, my tongue. My lips open slightly and I remember an apple meeting my mouth before the bite. But there are no teeth. Not yet. My lips grasp your lips, another succulent fruit entering my mind, making my tongue expect for the burst of sweetness. Persimmon, yes, the softness of ripe persimmon blossoming in my mouth.

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