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Chapter Two: Deadly Encounter

Old Walt Williams was the town drunk and just happened to be traveling down the road where the Old Mill Bridge was.

Tom asked Virginia to walk across the bridge with him. Virginia said, "Tom, I'm not sure that's a good idea you know what the sign says."

"Virginia, are you chicken, laughed Tom."

"No, silly fool, let’s go, I'll show you I’m not chicken." laughed Virginia.

As Tom and Virginia were walking across the creaky bridge Walt William’s car came barreling down on the two love birds. Tom was killed instantly and Virginia jumped off the bridge screaming. She had forgotten that there was no water underneath the bridge. She was trying to get out of the cars way. When Tom dove for safety the cars tire ran over his neck severing it completely from his shoulders. Virginia's fall from the bridge was too high for her to survive. Old Walt Williams was so drunk he thought he hit an animal and just kept driving and drinking as though nothing happened. Tom and Virginia's bodies weren't discovered until the following week by two hunters. Their bodies were buried along with their secret.

Chapter Three: The Legend

Legend has it that if you drive to Old Mill Bridge around midnight, you can see a woman dressed in white walking across the bridge. Another legend is that you can see a head floating across the bridge. One other witness described seeing a lady in white walking hand in hand with a man dressed in black with no head. Some people that witnessed these accounts were too scared to return to Old Mill Bridge in fear of it being their last. Whatever you do if you decide to risk the chance encounter you better bring along some company or the ghosts just might get you.

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