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Original work published in 1973 by Stanford University Press, Stanford, California.

Copyright © 2010 by Mortimer R. Kadish and Sanford H. Kadish. All rights reserved.

No copyright is claimed in any quoted statutes, regulations, or excerpts from court opinions. The cover quotation is adapted from J. Levin, Review, 37 Modern L. Rev. 589 (1974), in reviewing the original hardback edition.

This book is a 2010 digital imprint of Quid Pro Law Books.

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ISBN-10: 1610279999

ISBN-13: 9781610279994

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Kadish, Mortimer R., and Kadish, Sanford H.

Discretion to Disobey: A Study of Lawful Departures from Legal Rules / by Mortimer R. Kadish and Sanford H. Kadish.

p. cm.

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