a planet in the middle of nowhere

book 3

the World of Hope

(part three)

by DRK

© 2011,2012 by DRK

Smashwords edition

To ___________________

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What Already Happened

Snow, green snow, for miles and miles. Harsh winds tossed it about, covering everything except the dome-shaped block building in the middle of the miles wide bluff. Bright lights from behind its large view window in the front of the building looked so inviting in this dreadful landscape.

Inside the building, in a small but comfortable set of rooms devoted to her personal living space, a seniorly woman sat back in her soft, plush recliner, petting the head of a strange, shaggy blue animal. It appeared to be a cross between a dog and a lion, and it was close to the size of a St. Bernard. Her free hand held onto a personal screen device, and she used it to record her reflections.

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