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Diary Of Infection: The Turning

Copyright © 2010 by Bridget Squires

Day 1- 11:25a.m

I was bitten today. On my wrist, left hand. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would but don't take that as me saying it was painless because it wasn't. I staked out that grocery store for a solid week. A week! Only saw a few z-bees here and there. They were smaller z-bees too, not well fed; then again most z-bees were getting to look like that now a day. I needed more canned goods, water and supplies or else I would be joining my shuffling friends over there. But I'm getting ahead of myself; I better start off at the beginning first. Been on my own for awhile now, 3 months by my count. When the war began, the z bomb dropped and the disease spread, things got hectic. I started out traveling with large groups at first, but those groups attracted too much z-bee attention. People were getting picked off right and left. After awhile 5 of us broke off, stole a few guns and food then left. Things went good for awhile. A long time actually. I even kind of fell for Tracy; with those big brown eyes and that pitch black hair, what guy wouldn't. If this had been pre-z days she'd never had said a word to me, but now? Well you had to make do with what you got. Tracy was killed, no not killed because she didn't stay dead; let's rephrase that as Tracy came back after being bitten dozens of times. The z-bees got hold of her while she was on lookout and fell asleep. That was the night I went on my own, and I must say I have done rather well for myself up until now. Found a boarded up 7-11 and took refuge there. I didn't really get lonely, mostly because I wasn't all that popular before the big Z bomb anyway. Then I lacked good judgment for a split second and now? Well now I wait to start dying.

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