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15 – Blindfold


John Springs

I work in a modern office building downtown. I lease an office and get use of a common conference room for meeting with clients as well as a receptionist who serves the entire floor. Most of the other offices are occupied by attorneys, some who have been there as long as me, others seem to use this as a stepping stone to one of the big firms in the city. I have pretty decent business as a residential architect, though when times are slow, as they are now, I do pick up some commercial work as well.

Generally, one of the attorneys takes care of hiring the receptionist, as they tend to require more attention than me or the accountant who also has an office here. The girls are usually college age and good looking and the lawyer who has been hiring them for the last year or so seems to have a fondness for girls with small boobs.

A while ago my wife Trish and I took in one of the girls after she was fired here and she had no place to go. Turned out she was a lot smarter than average and we enjoyed having her live with us for a few months while she got her feet on the ground.

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