Bad Girl's Spanking

by Ali Soloman

Smashwords Edition

© Ali Soloman 2012

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Bad Girl's Spanking

About the Author

Bad Girl's Spanking

You could say that I got a late start.

All through school I was the golden girl—straight A's, always did my extra credit, volunteered for almost everything. I never stole a thing. Never committed anything that could be construed as a crime.

It always surprised my teachers to find out about my home life. My mom and dad hated each other, fought every night. They stayed together for as long as they could manage, but they were at each others throats all day every day by the time I was in high school. When they finally did split I certainly wasn't surprised.

I never noticed how stuffy I was until I got to college. Halfway through the first semester I'd fucked three guys, bleached my hair, dyed it five different colors, had my first drink, and smoked my first joint.

Nobody from back home would have recognized me.

But finally I returned home for Thanksgiving. I got to the bus station a good bit before my mom, but finally she showed up. As soon as I saw her car turn the corner and start toward the pick-up area I stood up. She didn't slow down or anything. She pulled into the waiting area and immediately pulled out her cell phone.

As my phone began ringing I tapped on the passenger side window. My mom's face curled up.

“Claire!?” she said, unlocking the door.

I said, “Hey mom. Like the hair?”

“It's,” she said, “very nice.”

I put my rolling suitcase in the back seat and sat in the front. Slowly, mom pulled out of the parking lot and set off for home.

“Well, like mother like daughter,” my mom began, “I've got something I should have told you too.”

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