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Skinny Dipping

Jordan scowled across the dinner table at his older sister, Taylor. He’d just announced his nomination for prom king this year and yet she still had all the attention. His parents wanted to know everything that had happened between Christmas break and final exams, and Taylor indulged them now, her face animated as she described her roommate’s antics throughout second semester.

Jordan was used to his sister getting all the attention. Even before she’d gone off to college, their parents had always doted on her, pushing him to the back burner when it came to things he liked to do. He might as well have been a fly on the wall the way they were ignoring him now, his announcement stale bread compared to his sister’s new college life.

She’d changed in the few months he hadn’t seen her. Not only was she tanner, but she had finally grown into the stick body he’d been used to seeing all his life. Jordan stared at her jiggling breasts as she laughed at something their dad had just said, his eyes dotting nervously to his parents faces, making sure he didn’t get caught. Taylor was more than pretty now….she was hot! Jordan shoved a forkful of mashed potatoes in his mouth as he watched her get up, almost choking when she turned towards the sink. The short pleated skirt she wore was caught just under her now full ass cheeks, a sliver of her neon yellow panties showing as she stood on tiptoe to rinse her plate before bending over to put it in the dishwasher.

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