This fictional book is dedicated to all the people who have suffered pain because of broken homes.


The Separation

Annie’s LeFevre’s life had so many ups and downs, she felt like she was riding on a yo-yo. She went from the top of the world at age 11 to the bottom of the barrel at 17; but her journey did not end there either.

Annie was a special baby. Her head was perfectly round. Her dancing eyes were jet black, and her rosy cheeks looked like they had been painted on. Her hair was silky strawberry blonde, and she was blessed with an abundance of good looks.

Her little ears had an unusual curve, and her button nose fitted her adorable oval face.

She had tiny little fingers and stubby little toes. Her legs and arms appeared as though she would be beautifully shaped when she blossomed into a young lady, and her alertness indicated she would be bright.

All these things made Annie seem like a special child. But a major reason to set her apart from other infants was the “silver spoon” family into which she was born.

Annie’s parents, Marguerite and Jason LeFevre, were not ordinary. Both were from wealthy backgrounds and were well educated. The summer before her last year at the University of Southern California, “Jace” and “Maggie,” as they were commonly called, decided to get married.

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