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By Sarah Elizabeth

Copyright © 2012 Sarah Elizabeth

Cover photo by gardener41

Smashwords Edition



a bright fireplace warms the room, casting a quiet glow on the nearby chaise as a new storm starts to howl outside and snow is blown against the window.  For an hour I've been watching you sleep on the floor in front of the fire.  I watch as your chest rises and the soft blanket finally falls away, now a small bundle next to you, the last vestige covering only your cock.

I can tell that it’s going to wake before you do.

I smile, enjoying the exhibition, and crawl between your legs, careful not to wake you.  The deep pink slip I’m wearing causes you to stir a little, the silk trailing along your skin as I lean over and slide the blanket off completely.  The sight of your cock, even half asleep, is enough to start making me wet.  I can’t help myself, and I lower my mouth to you, running my tongue along the underside of your dick.  I get to the head and lift it with my tongue, my hands supporting me on either side as I take all of you into my mouth, a little moan escaping my lips as I taste you for the first time.  Your cock is warm from the fire and I feel the skin growing taut as I move my lips up and down, sucking you gently at first, feeling you grow hard in my mouth.  Strands of my hair fall onto your thighs and you moan, gliding your hand up over my hips and up my back, grasping my hair and lifting my head as you open your eyes.  I keep my eyes on yours as your cock disappears past my lips.  Your head rolls back and you let my hair go, sheets of black tumbling onto your legs and stomach, covering my hands as I run my fingers over your strong quads, the muscles rippling under my hands.  I close my eyes, grinning and sucking you, my saliva coating your cock as I squeeze your thighs and move my mouth up and down your shaft.  I let it fill my mouth completely, taking you deep in my throat, sucking at the base of your cock while my tongue swirls along the outer edges.  My head bobs for a few minutes, working the head of your cock against the back of my throat, moving up and down with long, smooth sucks.  I start to taste pre-cum pooling at the tip and I slide off, so hungry for you, as my tongue reaches out and takes one long lick.  I meet your eyes as a drop of pre-cum drips down my lips, and smiling, you begin to sit up, resting your back against the velvet chaise.  I bring my mouth to yours and you kiss me, softly at first, then more insistently as I straddle your lap and you taste yourself on my tongue.  Your lips are unrelenting as you slide one hand around my waist, pulling me hard against you as you slip the other up under the silk to caress my breast.  I moan into your mouth as I feel your thumb brushing across my nipple, already hard and aching for your attention.  You cup my breast in your hand and squeeze my nipple between your thumb and forefinger, slowly exerting more pressure until my breath catches and my cunt starts to ache...”Please,” I beg...devouring your mouth,  hungry and wanting as you take hold of my hips and start to guide your cock inside me.  I can feel the head of your dick pressing against my opening, that delicious moment when it feels like you’re too big to fit inside me.  I push my hips down onto you, feeling the head slip inside, your cock filling me up as I start to grind against you.  I meet your eyes before bringing my mouth to yours again, and we rock together, running my hands up your naked chest, gripping your shoulders as I get closer and closer... 

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