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When the results came back from the sperm count, Mitchell found out that he had a higher than average count, though Dr Carter said that that was partly because he was an eighteen year old boy. The average was an average for all men taken together, and it declined over time. There was nothing wrong with Mitchell, Dr Carter said, calling him Mitchell, because of course Dr Carter didn’t know that his name was Jumbo now, practically everywhere, with everyone he knew. The only people who weren’t calling him Jumbo were the people in his family, his mom and dad, his brother Pete, and Sally, who was a dog.

Pete, Mitchell’s brother, wasn’t at school anymore, and it was a long time since Mitchell had seen his brother’s cock. He had seen it when they were little kids; but that had been years ago.

Mitchell had to wonder if Pete’s cock was normal, or if it was like ... well, abnormal, because that was what Mitchell’s was. Sometimes he tried to steal a glance at Pete’s cock when Pete was walking past him, but he had never been able to tell. Perhaps Pete had a sock (or something) stuffed into his underpants — something Mitchell had been doing since he was fifteen, though he couldn’t do it on the swim team, and he had been swimming and wearing speedos since he was thirteen, and no one had ever said anything about it until now, until just a few weeks ago, and it was ruining his whole senior year.

“There is an operation,” Dr Carter said, “but I would advise you strongly against it.” He told Mitchell to look into it. He gave him the name of the operation, and suggested Mitchell do some research of his own, because there were serious dangers involved, he said. Mitchell had gone home and done just that. He had looked up the operation on Wikipedia, and had found that there wasn’t just one operation, but two main ones — one to lengthen a penis, and one to widen a penis — and then he had looked further, and found some photos of what it looked like when these operations went wrong. It was horrible. Not only were these guys’ penises mutilated, but often they lost the ability to get erections, and it made Mitchell sick to think of it, to think of some doctor cutting into his penis with a knife.

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