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Ernest Kinnie

Copyright © 2015 by Ernest Kinnie

Smashwords Edition

Dorothy and Squeaky ran down the path.

Splashed across the tiny brook.

Hurried past the stinky skunk cabbage.

Waved to the red-headed woodpecker banging his nose against an old tree.

And came to the huckleberry patch.

Hundreds of blue huckleberries.

Thousands of fat huckleberries.

Millions of juicy huckleberries.

They stuffed their mouths and stuffed them again, and were about to stuff them some more when they heard a sound nearby.

They went over to see who it was, except it wasn’t nobody. It was a big, black, sow bear, eating huckleberries like everybody else. Except she didn’t want to share.

She reared up on her hind legs, growled, and waved her long yellow claws in the air. A very selfish bear. And then she dropped down on all fours and started toward them.

RUN!” Dorothy shouted. And they ran.

They ran into the woods.

Past squawking blue jays.

Past two noisy squirrels jumping up and down on a tree branch.

Past a brown rabbit with big, blue eyes staring at them as they ran by.

Past the green bushes and the green trees.

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