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A Project Gone Bad

Copyright 2012 by Jay M Horne

Smashwords Edition

Dr. Shannler turned quickly to the florescent lights as they flashed on. A small electrical buzz and the incubator lit up brightly. The rest of the room came into focus as the final lights turned on. The doctor walked over to the small suitcase on the stand and removed the large caiman eggs. He carefully walked the five eggs to the incubator. A strong odor flowed out as he opened the machine. When the slight hiss stopped, he placed the five eggs into the incubator, filling some slots. Dr. Shannler picked up the syringe from the table and sucked up a thick liquid labeled ‘Genes’. He placed a needle onto the syringe and inserted one fifth of the liquid into each egg. Afterwards, he closed the incubator and turned the dial to three fourths heat.

A small click and the door flung open. Jean Fisher walked quietly into the lion display. He quickly looked around for the lion and then dumped the large slab of meat by the pond. He turned and walked toward the gate. After he had exited, he locked it tightly behind him.


Jean turned nervously while sliding the key into his pocket, “Huh? Oh, it’s you Gregory.”

Greg licked his lips, “I didn’t know you fed lions.”

Jean looked puzzled, “Yep, the lions and the crocodiles.” Jean started walking toward the crocodile pond, “I can’t really talk right now, so I’ll see ya later.”

Gregory looked back towards him, “Bye Jean!”

They both walked in opposite directions.

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