Guide for the Aspiring Spy

The Anonymous Spy Series

smashwords edition

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by The Anonymous Spy

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Author’s Note

Nonfiction materials in The Anonymous Spy series have been submitted to the Central Intelligence Agency’s editorial review board for censoring. After five years of revisions and seventy pages of content rejected as “too factual and detailed as to how the CIA actually works” in the field, the remaining materials stand as a comprehensive guide to American spy craft without compromising the modus operandi of the CIA case officer in the field.

Out of concern for the fate of the many US corporations as well as ordinary citizens in foreign countries who have wittingly and unwittingly assisted CIA case officers in their clandestine work, no true names or locations are used in this series.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the companies and individuals who risk their reputations, fortunes, and lives to provide a selfless service to this country. This series is dedicated to those heroes on the CIA’s Wall of Honor who made the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us can live in the freedom we sometimes take for granted.


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