One day, December 20th to be exact, I was just getting my little sister’s Christmas present. I was to put it under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. You see, she still believes in Santa Claus. I for one, don’t. Nobody in my class believes in him either. Well we are all 12 years old, obviously we don’t believe in “Santa Claus”.

But, right now I need to concentrate on getting my little sister Litia’s present. OK, I have $35.00 to spend on her, gotta get her something great! I was in the doll section, I don’t think I would ever live again if anybody saw me in here. I don’t think any boy would want to get caught in the doll section, especially at 12 years old! Anyway... I looked at a couple of Cabbage Patch Kids... No... I looked at a couple of different Barbies... No... Then I saw it! The perfect present for Litia!

It was fluffy and pink, and the horn was shiny! It was a unicorn! A big, huge (Litia sized) unicorn! I ran over to check the price.

It was a miracle! It only cost $25.00! I took it off the shelf and ran to the checkout counter. I put it on the counter when it was my turn. Gosh, I’m so excited!

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