The Lesson of Jonah:

There is a Price to Pay when you Disobey

By Cheryl Rogers

Copyright 2012 Cheryl Rogers, Tampa, Florida

All rights reserved.

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An Election Too Close to Call

Lesson Plan

Discussion Questions

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This free Bible lesson targets 10 to 14 year olds with the message of salvation, as told through a short story about a modern day Jonah. It is to be used as Sunday school curriculum or handed out for extracurricular development. Discussion questions and homework is included.

An Election Too Close to Call

Steve stayed close to the basketball as his opponent was dribbling, his hands poised to snap it from under the other boy’s control. The score was 30-30 and the two middle school teams were battling for the season championship. Steve was his team’s top player, and all eyes in the auditorium watched as he slapped the ball away and began dribbling it toward his team’s basket. With an ease that comes from long hours of practice, he gracefully flung the basketball through the hoop as the bell shrilled, signaling the end of the game!

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