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Fan Fiction a Global fan-omina

Published by James Masters at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 James Masters

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What is fan fiction and how did the term come to be in the first place. From the phrase that nothing is new under the sun and the idea for fan fiction is as old as literature itself. Fan fiction can come in many shapes and forms and sometimes even make the Hollywood screens. It permeates the very fabric of literature sometimes being made into very successful books or pieces of contemporary stories. The term fan fiction was not coined till 2004 and ultimately became what is known as the largest archive of fan fiction stories. Fan fiction may come in a variety of shapes and sizes and come in a broad range of topics. Fan fiction by and large is a relatively small community with some exceptions and without the hustle and bustle of the big publishing houses. How could fan fiction be so important to both the past and modern life and that it is discussed so well that it does not seem like fan fiction at all. Take a look at all the

Hollywood movies and find the words “Based on a…”

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