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Move Me . . .

BELLE’s eccentric Uncle Lucky left her his spooky house in the tiny village of Kingaken. Twenty years ago, her little brother disappeared here, never to be heard from again. Returning to the place for the first time in so long resurrects more ghosts than she cares to face. When it also summons a sexy faerie, with an agenda of his own, Belle had best pray her luck is better than her sibling’s.


reviewers rave about Emma’s HIDDEN series

“A truly fantastic read! Ms. Holly turns the shape-shifting world on their respective ears! . . . 5 of 5 stars!”—badasschicksthatbite.blogspot.com

“I don’t know how Emma Holly does it but I hope she keeps on doing it . . . a smoking HOT read and a great story.”—In My Humble Opinion (inmho-read.blogspot.com)

Hidden Talents is the perfect package of supes, romance, mystery and HEA!"—paperbackdolls.com

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