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Arthur was sitting at his desk, between takes, on the set of ‘Romancing The Drone’.

I need a coffee Fox, “he asked his goopher.

I’m a gopher not a goopher.”

Really,” wondered Arthur, “I thought it was spelled gofor?”

So two sugars and cream?”

Yeas please my dear chap,” Arthur proceeded to put his feet on the desk and open his Financial Times.

Sid the dwarf came in. “Why are you calling me Sid the dwarf again?” questioned Sid of the Author, “Surely everyone knows who I am by now?”

No they do not Sid. I met a woman at the car boot sale at the weekend and she didn’t know who you were.”

As long as you don’t describe me as that again,” said Sid the dwarf, “Oi.”

What?” asked Arthur.

I wasn’t oiing you.”

It sounded a bit like you were saying eyeing then.”

What would I be eyeing you for?”

My Financial Times?”

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