Grandpa's Hot Sauce

By Stephen Brandon

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Stephen Brandon

Linda opened the screen door and said, "Good morning Rick, Jane."

"Morning Alice, what brings you over this early?", as she set her coffee on the counter. "Want some coffee?"

Linda sat down across from Rick and asked, "Did you see the news last night? Looks like after the earthquake up north and the rail accident out west, hot sauce is going to be in short supply this year. Is your father making any this year?"

"I don't know, he has't bought any crocks yet." Jane poured coffee in a mug and said, "Why don't you take him up some coffee and ask?"

Jonah was sitting on the side of his bed in a slice of sunlight when Alice walked in with his coffee and asked, "Are you making hot sauce this year? I'll need three bottles."

"Only if you'll drive me to Kentucky so I can pick up my secret ingredients." as Jonah reached for his coffee mug. "A few cases will supply me all next year."

Alice looked at him sipping his coffee and stated, "You old goat, you know what the doctor said about your drinking."

Jonah chucked as he said, "Can't make the hot sauce without it. Can we leave tomorrow? And call your friend in Nogales and tell her to get me about a dozen of them five gallon clay pots fired up, we'll get them when we get back from Kentucky."

* * *

Jonah hesitated at the bottom of the stairs, "Wait a minute Alice, I've got to order some bottles before we leave."

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