The Fool

1. The Fool strolls relaxed and carefree through life. He is on the right way for him. He lives as a free mystic. In his view, he is a wise and from the perspective of ordinary people is a fool. They all strive for outer wealth. They run for professional success, a dream partner and maximum consumption. Only the Fool lives otherwise. He follows the path of inner happiness and all-embracing love.

On the right shoulder he wears his walking stick. He goes relaxed but with self-discipline his spiritual path. In his left hand he holds a white rose. It symbolizes his love for God, his spiritual goal. A small white dog is with him. The Fool has some companions along the way into the light. The path of the Fool leads through the mountains of enlightenment. The sun is shining. The enlightened masters (God) guard his way. The fool is leaded by his inner voice and his good karma.

Oracle = Live today primarily from the pleasure principle. Feel just your physical and spiritual needs. Follow your inner spontaneous impulse. Be yourself. Live yourself. What do you want now? What do you need now? Enjoy being. Make yourself the day beautiful.

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