Zvi Zaks

Copyright 2010 by Zvi Zaks

Smashwords Edition

ISBN - 9781476373423

George Bullington wanted to see himself as a valiant knight, but that wasn't easy. The problem wasn't a lack of shining armor; he was quite satisfied with his gray synthwool suit. It was the overwhelming challenges in his life that made the image of a noble warrior hard to sustain.

One winter evening, he left his office with its battles against governmental bureaucracy, and walked through the bitter wind and swirling snow to the subway that would take him to the peace and security of his household. He arrived at the apartment, keyed the thumbpad and opened the door with a quasihearty, "I'm home."

Eight-year-old Marc sat with eyes glued to the tri-D. "Hi, Dad," he said, without looking up.

"Hello, dear," his wife, Mary, said from the kitchen. "I didn't have a lot of papers to grade, so I came home early to cook a proper dinner."

He found her taking a sizzling roast from the oven. Her green smock and her hair up in a bun created a picture of warm domestic comfort. George's heart melted at her smile. Though he loved his wife dearly, he couldn’t afford to show it. She moved towards him, and they kissed. He tensed for a moment, then relaxed and closed his eyes in the embrace.

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