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By Shree Paramhans Swami Adgadanandji

Published By: Shree Paramhans Swami Adagadanandji Ashram Trust at Smashwords

Copyright 2005 Swami Adgadanand

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Dear Brethren!

The history of the organisation of the Kumbh Mela (Fare) dates back to the time when the pitcher of nectar that appeared as a result of the churning of the ocean, spilled over at these places. The purpose of organising these fares is to explore a system of attaining immortalising element. It is not sufficient enough to visit the fare, have an ablution, watch the scenario around and return home. These Kumbh-Melas are organized only with a view of eradicating all our delusions about Dharma, about God, and the misapprehensions prevailing in the path of our emancipation. Innumerable systems of worships are prevalent these days, instead of one prescribed system of attainment of One God propounded by the Geeta and other scriptures on Yoga. Some might say worshipping the cow is true religion, whereas according to others Peepal tree (a holy tree) could be true religion (Dharma); while some other might exhort the importance of caste-system and ashrams. Hence, ‘what is a true Universal Religion’ is the question, baffles many a minds. The question today is similar as ‘Who is our God? Who should be worshipped?’

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