"What's this, honey?"

"It's my new power crystal," his wife said.

"What does this one do?"

"It channels the sun's energy into positive healing rays. And if I sit and look at it steadily it helps me meditate."

Derek snorted in derision. "Sally, how much did you pay for this thing?"

She frowned a little. "$4.95," she said.

Derek sat down again and lifted up a spoonful of Kellogg’s. "It could be worse. What do they say it's made of?"

"It's cut glass crystal. Made by hand. It's a long and very skilled process."

"I'll bet." Suddenly he put down his spoon and rummaged in a high cupboard. A moment later he lifted down a shot-glass, still wrapped in a wisp of tissue paper."And what's this?" he asked rhetorically. They had got the set as a wedding present, before flying out from the U.K.

"That's one of our crystal glasses; be careful!"

Derek explained that glass crystal was just a special glass used in binocular and camera lenses.

Her face showed her disappointment. Derek re-applied himself to his breakfast, his feelings divided between satisfaction at being right and a nagging shame at his wife's hurt. He leant forward and blew at the crystal, setting it moving so that flecks of coloured light moved around the walls.

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