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Love is Blindfolded

by M.Sara Forleo

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Maria Sara Forleo

Smashwords Edition, License Notes:

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Chapter 1

It’s 5:30PM and Lisa is about to slip on her shoes when she hears the front door opening. She smiles. Luke’s finally home! He’s been at work all day and she’s missed him. But tonight is all for them. Alone! Because today it’s been exactly three months since she moved in with him. She couldn’t forget the day she arrived here in Florida with all her things, to start a new life. With him.
It hasn’t been easy. Away from her family, with no job (which she’s still in search of), adjusting to a new place, a new life. But she did it for love. For him. And it makes her happy.
She’s startled out of her thoughts by him calling for her “I’m home, where are you, lovely?”. She smiles, “I’m in the bedroom, sweety! Finishing to get ready.”
He enters the bedroom while taking off his tie and greets her with a sweet smile and a kiss. “Hello beautiful” he says looking at her and smiling appreciatively. She’s gorgeous with that black dress, tight around her waist, showing off her hips, short enough to show her thighs, and the generous V-neck top showing off her cleavage. Her breast is neither too big, nor too small. It’s perfect for her petite frame.
“Hello handsome” she smiles back. “You better go take your shower now, if we don’t want to be late for dinner”. He arches an eyebrow, “Seeing you in that dress, I’d rather miss dinner and stay home playing with you all night long”. She laughs, “You sweet pig! You’ll have to play with me later, after dinner. Now, behave and go get ready!” She chuckles when he pouts mockingly. “Okay, okay, I go” he replies, grinning at her and heading for the bathroom.
She shakes her head smiling, and puts on her earrings. Then finishes doing her make-up, applying some more blush and lip-gloss. She looks at her image in the mirror, “Perfect!” and walks to the living room and sits on the couch waiting for him to be ready and thinking about the “after-dinner” she’s planned. Oh, he’s going to have a big surprise! She thinks, smiling.
He comes in the living room buttoning his shirt, “Should I wear the tie or you’d prefer me more casual?” he asks. “Mmm… no tie tonight. Less are the clothes, the better!” she grins. “Oh…? Okay then.” he replies laughing.
Both ready to go now, she takes her purse and a light jacket, and they head for his car. Destination: their favorite restaurant! And yes, that is the one where they had their first dinner a few months ago, the first time she came to visit him.

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