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The Last Cowboy

By Sheila S. Jecks

Copyright 2012 Sheila S. Jecks

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The Last Cowboy

They say you make your own luck!

I know about that.

Sit a spell and I’ll tell you how I made mine one day in the spring of 1936 right here in southwest Arizona.

Now I’m jus’ an ordinary guy, no better’n no worse than the next man, but that day things changed.

We was goin’ through some hard times the Mrs. and me, what with her and three young’uns to feed, an’ my job at the Cotton Gin off Hwy 95 just outside Yuma hangin’ on by a thread.

I figured I’d better see about bringing in some more money that summer as the oldest one James, we named him after my pa, was pretty good with a baseball and they wanted him t’ go to baseball camp in July up Sacramento way.

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