In Dreams

The Image

Through the looking glass

The other side

The girl in the purple dress


Bienvennue !

Let Mickey see first.”, the Doctor said to Rose who was going to the TARDIS doors when the engines had barely stopped.

Oh, alright. Mickey, to you the honour.”, Rose said and stepped back to let Mickey pass. Mickey wasn’t very happy about it, so he carefully approached the doors.

Are you sure it is safe?”, Mickey asked.

Of course. I know exactly where we are. Now, to you the challenge to guess where we have landed. Go on.”, the Doctor said joyously.

Mickey carefully opened the TARDIS door and stepped outside followed by Rose. He looked around in awe. They were in a large circular room with panoramic windows overlooking a vast park. From the view from the windows they could tell they were high up in some building. Mickey stood astounded at the window, gazing into the distance.

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